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Feb. 28th, 2020 | 01:42 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: The Hush Sound - Echo

If you're here because you think you'd like to get to know the person behind the journal, you've come to the wrong place. You'll discover that sort of information by stalking niyki.

Genres that will often come up on this journal are numerous, but I personally tend to keep my interests in indie music (In popular music, indie music (from independent) is any of a number of genres, scenes, subcultures and stylistic and cultural attributes, characterised by perceived independence from commercial pop music and mainstream culture and an autonomous, do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. WIKI). I also write music - most of which I think is boring and crappy after a while. But I have a love for exploring limitless genres, so I guess we'll both just have to deal with it.

001. Friending this journal will ensure you get all entries - because not everything on here is legal for the public eye. If I don't friend you back asap, please don't bug me. I have a busy RL too.
002. If you're looking for my thoughts on a specific band or artist, I suggest you browse my tags.
003. If you strongly disagree with my opinion, please do not flame. Or go ahead and do so. You might prove good entertainment value. But do not expect me to reply to your immaturity.
004. I am opinionated, myself. And I DO have a healthy respect for the talent produced by musicians across the world. I will NOT be updating to say that I loathe someone's music just because I do. Fortunately for you, I adhere to and use more logic than meets the eye. I would appreciate it if you also provided reasons for your negative or positive opinions. It's healthy to build up skills in analysis, and if you have them? Use them.

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we won't say our goodbyes you know it's better that way

Feb. 28th, 2008 | 02:14 pm
mood: hungryhungry
music: OneRepublic - Stop & Stare

Band: OneRepublic [wiki ]
Genre: Alternative Rock
Recommended If You Like: The Fray, Snow Patrol
Recommended Songs: Goodbye Apathy, Stop & Stare, All We Are

I discovered a song called Goodbye Apathy by OneRepublic way before Timbaland remixed Apologize and made it famous, loved and adored by the mainstream audience. In fact, I'm pretty sure I picked the song up from either fanmix or lunatunes - and I absolutely fell. In. Love. With. It.

They have that wonderful quality possessed by The Fray and Snow Patrol that makes some of their music wonderfully addictive and pleasurable to listen to. It's piano-based rock that is skillfully employs crescendo, and Ryan Tedder's voice is just plain love.

Unfortunately, they've overused synths in some of their music that bugs me a little. Say (All I Need) is a lovely song - but the synths and the electronic percussion takes away from it, rather than adds. It sounds a helluva lot more mainstream than it ought to. For a band that has a celloist, mass potential and a lead vocalist that can do falsettos as well as Chris Martin? Disappointing.

Lyrically, however, they are reasonably clever and moving. They seem to have hit that right balance of simple - and yet not boring, flat or poppy. They also don't use the word 'jaded' 24/7, which is a major plus. Although, 'apathy' does come up a tad too often. You won't need to turn you mind over several times to figure out what they're trying to say, but I would suggest paying attention to their lyrics.

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